For over 20 years Prussiani Engineering has been demonstrating that quality and service are the two most crucial aspects of machine manufacturing. Prussiani supports this with the best warranty in the stone machine industry at a full 3-years of coverage on all new equipment. This outstanding warranty along with our new training and service center in St. Louis, Missouri, is further evidence of Prussiani’s dedication and commitment to the success of our current and future American clients.

As a leading stone fabricator in your area, you know that economics matter and Prussiani can help you excel here as well. For example, our Champion Series, 5 axis CNC can cut a full slab of 3 cm granite for $18. This translates into an amazingly low cost of $0.34/sq. ft.

Please call us today for your machinery or training needs. We would love to show you how the newest technology will improve your company’s bottom line every day.

Our Product Line Includes:

  • Automatic 5 axis CNC Saws
  • CNC Work Centers
  • 5 Axis Milling Machines
  • Stone Lathes

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